For highest requirements

Our finishing methods improve the materials even further while simultaneously offering you enhanced process reliability. The FP-Coating protects our composites against oil and moisture ingress, significantly extending the material’s service life. The Premium Finish was developed specifically for maximum precision and holds a unique position in the market for high-performance insulation materials. See here for more details about these processes.



  • Increase of the parallelism up to 0.02 mm related to a thickness tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm.
  • Applicable to all compression proofed high-performance insulation materials up to a raw dimension of 1.300mm x 1.050 mm


  • Highest fitting accuracy of high-peformance insulation boards
  • Increase of dimension precision in the overall structure
  • Optimized quality at the production of precision components


This finishig process was especially developed for the highest requirements on precision.

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Ranges of application

The FP-Coating is most appropriate for applications in the medical technology and in the food industry. This coating is also used in processes where the insulation material is exposed to hydraulic- and heat carrying oils, mould release agents and lubricants. Likewise the FP-coating is recommendable for processes with extreme changing temperature control for example in heat- and cooling processes.

Special material characteristics

  • effective protection against aggressive acting media
  • improvement of the sliding behavior
  • reduction of the adhesion tendency
  • easy cleaning of the surface


Especially in processes in which the insulation material is exposed to oil, release agents or steam the FP-BRA coating grants for a longer lifetime of the insulation material.

Technical specification


Temperature resistance (short-term)350 °C662 °F
Temperature resistance (long-term)280 °C536 °F

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