Brandenburger materials are indispensable in all applications where heat is part of the production process. If no heat protection systems are used, a lot of heat, and therefore energy, is lost. Heat loss also makes it difficult to maintain a constant process temperature, which in turn has an impact on the quality of the finished product. Brandenburger materials also protect other machine components, as well as workers.

To give an exact answer to your question, we will need some information from you. Please contact us for a personal consultation to calculate the energy savings in your specific application scenario.

Brandenburger processes the selected materials to your exact specifications. All we need is a drawing of the desired component.

Our CAD department supports you in the processing of 2D/3D data in the digital formats of .step, .dxf, .dwg, .pdf, and .tif.

By default, we prepare our materials in accordance with tolerance class m as per DIN 2768. On request, we are able to manufacture components to stricter tolerances as well.

Exterior insulation is installed on the outside of a machine. It reduces heat loss and protects employees from burns at the same time. Exterior insulation mainly focuses on the insulation effect, as there is no mechanical stress. Pressure insulation tends to become subject to high loads because they are installed on the inside of a machine or mould. The focus is on high mechanical strength while at the same time providing good insulation characteristics.

In physics, ablation means the wear of material by thermo-mechanical loads. Ablative materials are capable of delaying the propagation of heat. This is accomplished by including components that form a kind of heat shield as soon as the material is exposed to heat from convection or radiation.

We can provide technical product datasheets during a consultation. Due to our varied product portfolio and the steadily increasing application-specific requirements, we recommend a technical consultation by our application engineers to select the correct material for your application. We hope you understand that we do not make our technical product datasheets available for download online.

All materials are certified according to REACH and RoHS regulations. They are also assessed for preference eligibility. For more details, please inquire at our sales and shipping department.

With more than 20 partners, Brandenburger is represented in the major economic regions worldwide. This strong international network enables us to support companies from all over the world to improve their process reliability through competent consultation on site and the use of our high-performance insulation materials. Please see here for an overview of our international network of partners here.

Yes. Brandenburger keeps a dynamic, process-oriented quality management system with a continuous focus on improving the process and product quality to satisfy the ever increasing requirements of our customers.


No, our company is not from Brandenburg! Even though our logo and name might evoke associations with the Brandenburg Gate or the German federal state of Brandenburg, our family-run company has its headquarters in Landau in der Pfalz, in a county called “Southern Wine Road”. Kurt Brandenburger founded his first company in 1939. Brandenburger Isoliertechnik emerged from this company and is managed by the Brandenburger family to this date.


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