BRA-FLEX® Protect – Extension of the product portfolio

Brandenburger Isoliertechnik extends its product portfolio with the new product BRA-FLEX® Protect. The new flexible exterior insulation is applicable up to a temperature of 250°C and is characterized by an excellent insulation effect. BRA-FLEX® Protect can easily be processed and was especially developed for the insulation of complex line- and piping systems. The new product is available as sheets in vulcanized and unvulcanized condition. Unvulcanized sheets are suitable for the insulation of flanges, fittings and lines. These plasticine-like sheets can easily be formed as requested and cure automatically within a few hours. In vulcanized condition the BRA-FLEX® Protect sheets are stable but still flexible and can be used for the insulation of straight surfaces. Also for the use as hose insulation BRA-FLEX® Protect is ideally suited. Pre-slit hoses but also closed insulation elements are available in various thicknesses. Furthermore we offer pre-manufactured and vulcanized molded parts according to customer’s requirements for the quick and easy insulation of valves and fittings.

The eco-friendly BRA-FLEX® Protect increases the work safety by reducing the risk of burns and impact injuries. Due to the great insulation effect BRA-FLEX® Protect ensures a lower temperature in the workplace. Moreover this new product is water-repellent, self-extinguishing, weatherproofed and it is resistant to a wide range of media.

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