Since many years the Brandenburger Group offers young people the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in an exciting work environment.

Also in this year we are pleased to welcome 4 new trainees in our company. The team of the Brandenburger trainees now consists of 8 people.

On the 01st August 2016 Mrs. Jeanette Allendorf, Mr. Florian Springer and Mr. Mehmet Kaya started their apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. During their apprenticeship they get the opportunity to work in all departments of the Brandenburger Isoliertechnik as well as of the Brandenburger Liner. We are also glad to welcome Mr. Kamil Barczyk who started his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic in our maintenance shop. He supports the team in the maintenance and the repair of our machinery and equipment.

The education of young talents is an important topic for the Brandenburger Group. Our aim is to provide our trainees with a solid education and to integrate them in our team right from the start. They may facing different challenges and make their own experience. That is how we guarantee that our trainees will be well-prepared for their future business life. 

We wish our trainees a great and informative time in our company and we hope that we could win them for our team after their apprenticeship.