To further optimize the support of our Italian customers we extended our partner network on the Italian market. In addition to our already well-established partner Delta Tecnologie also the company FMI S.p.A. based in Zocco di Erbusco will offer on-site consultation.

FMI S.p.A. was founded in 1990. Today FMI S.p.A. is a medium-sized company specialized in the processing of PTFE and graphite as well as in the production of gaskets made of different materials. Furthermore FMI S.p.A. has worked for many years in the field of composites for thermal insulation. With FMI S.p.A. we have the possibility to store and machine materials especially for the tool and mould making industry on-site. Thereby we can reduce the delivery time for this branch and we are able to act more flexible to the requirements of our Italian customers.

With FMI S.p.A. we have won an additional experienced and reliable partner that enables us to offer our customers an even better service. 

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