The Wiedtal-Gymnasium Neustadt (Wied) is our sponsoring school for the “Energiesparmeister” challenge in 2023. Now they will fight for the national championship.

This year, our school sponsored for the "Energiesparmeister" challenge is the Wiedtal-Gymnasium Neustadt (Wied)

Each year, co2online and the Federal Ministry for Economy and Climate Protection are looking for the most efficient, most creative and most sustainable climate protection projects in German schools. The best school project of each Federal State will win.

We as   Brandenburger Isoliertechnik are sponsoring again the state champion during the challenge for the national championship.

This year, the winner is the Wiedtal-Gymnasium in Neustadt (Wied). 
The school impressed the jury with their commitment for the protection of rain forest, climate and orang-utans. With creative and very effective donation methods, the adolescents planted more than 20.000 trees together with their cooperation partners on Borneo. 

Now, the national winner of the titel “Energiesparmeister Gold” will be voted Up to June 15, internet user may vote there for the best school project. The Wiedtal-Gymnasium will compete with the 15 other state champions now.