As in previous years, the trainees of the Brandenburger Group organized the annual Christmas party and the associated prize draw. The non-cash prizes for the prize draw were largely donated by our suppliers and business partners. The proceeds from the prize draw were generously topped up by the Brandenburger Group last year. Altogether a considerable four-digit sum was generated. 

Two very worthwhile social institutions will be supported this year with the proceeds of the prize draw:

On the one hand, there will be a contribution to the Landauer Tafel e.V., a non-profit that has been helping socially disadvantaged people in the region since 2001, among other things by providing them with food. More than 45 volunteers help to organise and carry out various activities week after week. Like every concern, the Landauer Tafel e.V. endeavours to keep its operating costs as low as possible. However, monthly expenses such as for the car fleet, rent, power, and insurance are unavoidable. In order to be pay these costs, external financial support is often necessary.

On 6 March 2018, the managing directors of the Group Tim Brandenburger, Peter Schwab and Michael Schloder were present at the Tafel in Landau to hand over the cheque to Gerd Findt, the deputy chairman of the charitable organisation. 

The rest of the proceeds benefit the “Landau Hospice”, which is an important project for our town and the people who live there. A modern, single-storey building with large windows, wooden floors and a courtyard with fountain around which will be built with 20 sqm single rooms for nine terminally ill persons. There will also be a large garden and a “Room of Tranquility”. Since the project must be financed to a considerable extent by donations, it was very important to the Brandenburger Group to make a contribution to this cause as well.

On 7 March 2018 the big day finally came and the managing director Tim Brandenburger and the commercial manager Katrin Schlegemilch-Horder handed over the cheque to Dieter Lang, the managing director of the sponsor foundation, Diakonissen Bethesda in Landau.

The Brandenburger Group is very proud to be able to support both the Landauer Tafel e.V. and the “Landau Hospice” project with these donations and wishes both teams continued success.