Brandenburger Isoliertechnik wins award “Hidden Champion in Palatinate”.

Brandenburger Isoliertechnik is a "Hidden Champions in Palatinate".

“Brandenburger Isoliertechnik” was one of the answers of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Palatinatewith regard to the question “who are our global market leadersin the region”. We are happy to be one of 22 Palatinate companies which may carry the title “Hidden Champions 2022”.

Nearly two-thirds of all turnovers of Palatinate industries are transacted abroad. This has immediately positive effects on growth, wealth and workplaces of the region. This success is founded on a healthy mix of global players and medium-sized enterprises. These highly innovative, medium sized and mostly owner-managed companies whose names are mostly unknown to the public have an excellent reputation in their market segment. . With outstanding performance they have reached a prominent market positiion.
Source: IHK Pfalz (Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Palatinate)

Criteria for the award are the following:

1. Company belongs to TOP 3 worldwide or is number 1 in Europe

2. Turnover below 5 billions Euro

3. Low public awareness

We are proud of this award and would like to thank all contributingl staff!

The digital brochure for the “Hidden Champions” may be downloaded here.